The history of our ammunition brands


GECO represents a modern range of ammunition for all hunting and sporting applications. Over a century of experience in development and production goes into every cartridge. That is why active hunters and target shooters can find high-quality products from GECO, with an attractive price-performance ratio. And since Geco cartridges meet all the demands made on modern ammunition, you can understand why our new slogan says: GECO - ALL YOU NEED! 

GECO SUPER MATRIX is the new standard for lead-free ammunition.
Whether you are using a pistol, rifle, or shotgun, no other fangible ammunition gives law enforcement, military, or other first responders, the ability to safely train up close on reactive steel targets at virtually point-black range. Only GECO Reduced Hazard Training Ammunition bullets, buckshot, and slugs micro-pulverize into a fine powder on impact, unlike conventional sintered frangible projectiles that can fragment and injure shooters.

RUAG's sniper ammunition is characterized by its outstanding precision, reliability under extreme conditions and excellent penetration capability on hard targets.

According to old documents the foundation of the Pulverfabrik Rottweil am Neckar dates back to the 15th century. The brand name refers to the former production site of shotshells in the city of the same name located in the Black Forest region of Germany. The brand name Rottweil became famous thanks firstly to the red Waidmannheil shot cartridge and since 1921 down to the present day thanks to the legendary “black Waidmannheil” with its paper case.

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