GECO represents German-Swiss ammunition-technology for the US market. GECO offers a wide range of ammunition for hunting and sports. Over a century of experience in development and manufacturing goes in every single cartridge. That is why enthusiastic hunters, active sport shooters and competition-oriented target shooters highly appreciate the reliable high-quality ammunition products from GECO. One of the key success-factors of the brand is the attractive price-performance ratio.  

GECO pistol and revolver cartridges

In recent years the GECO assortment for handguns has been customized to the needs of our worldwide customers. As a result the assortment was excessively enlarged: Currently GECO is offering 19 loads with cartridges in 9 different calibers. For precision shooting, dynamic sport disciplines as well as for home protection and self-defense.  

GECO centerfire rifle cartridges

The GECO range offers 4 different bullet types to cover every hunting situation. GECO PLUS for shooting big game, GECO EXPRESS for the long distance shot, GECO SOFTPOINT as a real all-round bullet and GECO TARGET for accurate training. All hunting cartridges are “made in Germany” which means outstanding accuracy and reliable bullet performance.  

GECO rimfire cartridges

Target shooters can always depend on the cartridge’s perfect function, consistent performance, and high precision. GECO Rimfire cartridges offer match-grade accuracy at an affordable price.

Others: GECO airgun pellets and shotgun ammunition

GECO also offers airgun pellets in two different shapes. GECO Diabolo pellets are the standard for consistent accuracy at an affordable price, ideal for target practice. GECO Superpoint pellets are designed for enhanced penetration and precision and are ideal for silhouette shooting, small animal hunting and pest control.

Since GECO cartridges meet all the demands made on modern ammunition, you will probably understand why the new claim of the brand is:

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